Let’s see if I can build a product in the next 30 days, launch it, and achieve the long-awaited PMF (Product Market Fit). Or at least get some traction.

I like to do things and challenge myself, and since summer begins and the AI hype slows down a bit, I decided to put myself up to this challenge.

But Why?

Since I left my job 1 year ago, I have launched two “startups”.

The best part is that I learned even more in these 2-3 months than in the previous 9. I learned exponentially more things just because I put it out into the world faster and without any shame. I spoke with tons of people about the idea, I got tons of feedback and I focused on fast execution.

So I have my hypothesis on how things work: The more I ship businesses, the more I learn about how to create them, and the higher the odds of succeeding.

So, I will ship businesses more often. 🙂

And What is the Product About?

What problem does it solve? Well, I want to help people like me who want to ship faster.

On the internet, there is a growing community of people who want to be entrepreneurs, or at least love to talk about becoming one.

They have this idea, a cool new idea that will go nuts. An idea that sometimes requires tons of features but will work 100%, “promised.”

And maybe it will, however, they never release because they keep adding unnecessary features or because they are afraid of launching. And then, one day, they disappear, stop sharing their journey, and get lost, like tears in the rain.

Not cool.

So what I am building is a simple but cool tool to encourage all those people to stop holding back, to stop not releasing, and instead, release as fast as possible.

The idea itself may end up getting lost in oblivion or it may gain some virality, maybe?

We will see…

Besides, I am doing it on public

For those who are not familiar with the term, “building in public” refers to sharing the day-to-day, numbers, and insides of a project, business, startup…

The aim is to be honest and transparent while involving the world in what you’re doing. And obviously, the key thing is not only to share the success, as all businesses do, but also to share the bad and the boring stuff. That’s what I am going to do.

As I love the movement and have learned a lot in the last few months from it, I will do the same and give back to the community so others can learn.

Dont do that!

Some people ask me why I should do that because someone could steal my ideas, and I might lose time.

For the first point, ideas are nothing; they have no value. So if someone wants to “steal,” go for it. Besides, if you have a business relying on keeping it a secret, you are in trouble because the moment you release it, you want to shout it hard to the world.

The goal

The thing is, I would love to encourage more people to create their own things. Even more in Spain where there is not a hard entrepeneural mentality, although Gen Z is starting to show some interest on it.

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